How To Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

Who doesn’t love crispy, hot French fries? For busy individuals who want that golden fry without the hassle, an air fryer is a must-have! You can easily whip up your favorites in just minutes. Just pour some frozen fries into the preheated basket, set your timer, and give them a good shake every five minutes for perfectly crisp deliciousness. That bag of frozen fries won’t know what hit it – bye fried food cravings, hello fast meals!

Here’s our quick guide to air frying frozen french fries. Preheat the air fryer to 400°F. Arrange the fries in a single layer or they won’t crisp. Add seasoning. Cook time is 13-18 minutes for regular fries and 11-13 minutes for Crinkle Cuts. Waffle fries take 14-16 min.

Tired of the same old, regular fries? Treat yourself to a different fry experience with an air fryer! Get creative and try out all sorts of shapes – wedges, strings, swirls, or whatever shape you can think up. This easy recipe below is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Let’s cook frozen french fries in air fryer!

What Makes Air Fryer Frozen Fries So Special?

Fries are basically happiness and magic all rolled up into culinary form. If you’re looking for a quick, delicious snack with less fat than traditional fries, air fryers are the way to go. Trust me, I know from experience of air frying! It took some trial and error to get the recipe right but after experimenting here and there (with many cooker malfunctions along the way!) we’ve finally nailed down an amazing air-fryer French Fry recipe that’s guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

With this tried and true recipe, you’ll be able to whip up amazing French Fries with only fifteen minutes of effort – minus all that greasy clean-up. You don’t need any hot oil or deep-fried french fries here; just follow the simple steps and let your taste buds take care of the rest.

Another great aspect of air fryer fries is that you can easily customize them with different seasonings. From truffle oil to ranch mix, there’s a whole world of tasty seasonings out there just waiting for you. Get creative with flavors and find the combination that makes YOUR perfect fry. While we’re on the topic, you know what goes great with fries? Some delicious fish. Trust us, the British know what they’re doing when it comes to pairing fries.

Ingredients For Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

  • Frozen French Fries: Whether you go with a classic crinkle cut or experiment with waffle and sweet potato, all are sure to satisfy any carb-loving appetite. Just remember – cook times vary depending on the shape!
  • Seasonings: To boost their flavor even more, try sprinkling some of our favorite seasonings – like Kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and Rosemary.

Let’s Make Some Golden & Delicious French Fries

Just follow these simple steps and enjoy mouth-watering fries in no time.

  • To start, preheat your air fryer to 400°F/200°C. This temperature is optimal for achieving maximum crispiness.
  • Then spread out the frozen fries in a single layer into your air fryer basket and season with oil and salt – this is my secret for maximum crispiness.
  • Cook at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes before giving them a shake and continuing cook time 8-10 more minutes until you reach that yummy crunchy texture you want! You can even cook up some pizza rolls to go with it.

Note: Keep an eye on them as cooking times may vary based on which brand of Air Fryers are used.

Helpful Hints For Mastering Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

I’ve seen countless people struggle with making perfect fries in the appliance. Don’t worry. With these simple tips, you’ll have crispy and tasty fries every time!

  • Start by preheating the air fryer for a few minutes at 400°F (200°C) so that as soon as those potatoes hit the hot basket, they’ll start cooking evenly.
  • Make sure the potatoes are spread in one single layer or else they won’t be as crisp. This allows the hot air to best circulate around each fry. Trust me; you’ll appreciate the extra crunch!
  • Crinkle cut fries need to be in a single layer, or they won’t get crispy. So, spread them all over the basket’s bottom.
  • If making multiple batches at once don’t overcrowd the air fryer’s basket. Otherwise, it’ll not have that signature crunchiness we all love so much.
  • If you’d like to add some extra flavors to your fries (salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Cajun seasoning, etc.), you can sprinkle them on after cooking, to taste.

Seasoning The Fries

Want to give your air fryer French fries a flavor kick? You have plenty of options!

Take them from bland to bold with cooking spray, salt, paprika, and other spices like garlic or onion powder. Just be sure not to add pepper before they cook – the heat can burn it quickly, leaving an undesired charred taste in each batch.

On another note, you can sprinkle on some grill seasoning for smokiness or Greek seasoning for zest- whatever suits your taste buds best! You know what goes great with fries??? Some yummy hot pockets or crispy air fried tater tots.

What Is The Cooking Time For Frozen French Fries In An Air Fryer?

I’ve tried and tested different types of fries, so you can trust me when I say ‘I got you covered!’. Now make sure to keep this in mind: cook times depend on the type of cut (crinkle or waffle), plus it might vary between your model. However, after some failed attempts myself, here’s what has worked best for me.

Regular French Fries should be cooked anywhere from 13-18 minutes while Crinkle Cuts need 11-13 minutes. Waffle fries take 14-16 minutes, while Sweet Potato fries need 12-14 minutes for that satisfying crunch.

Serving Tips For The Perfect Snack

Why settle for plain, unadorned fries when you can dip them in a range of tasty sauces that enhance their flavor? Here are some of our top picks:

Fry sauce is a grown-up twist on ketchup, with mayo and seasonings to take it up a notch. Yum Yum sauce adds light sweetness and tanginess for an extra touch of sophistication. Cheese Sauce provides that rich flavor cheese lovers crave; its creaminess takes fries to new heights.

Ranch dressing gets a makeover when paired with crispy fries – smooth and creamy, but still subtly tart from the classic ranch ingredients we all know and love. If you want to have an amazing out-of-the-box experience, try pairing your scrumptious fries with a yummy burrito and cover it with some chipotle mayo sauce.

You can also get creative by making your special recipe! Mix together some favorites like chipotle chili powder or garlic powder for plenty of kick in each bite.

Make sure you don’t settle for plain fries any longer: try something delicious instead today!

Revive Your Leftover Fries: Air Fryer Reheating Tips

I know that trying to save leftover fries can be tough. But don’t worry – we’ve found the perfect solution for keeping your favorite meals as deliciously fresh and crispy as possible.

After savoring every bite of your fries don’t let any scrumptious leftovers go to waste. Store those delicious fries in an airtight container safely in the fridge. You’ll be able to look forward to another round of flavorful indulgence anytime within three to five days!

Now, it’s time to revive your leftovers. Instead of the soggy, mushy mess that microwaving fries creates, you can try crispy air-fried goodness. It’s easy and allows you to enjoy those delicious fries exactly as they were when first cooked.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do Frozen Fries Need To Be Thawed?

Instead of thawing, just keep bags of frozen french fries in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. If you prefer thawing, go for fries that are explicitly designed for that purpose. This little hack will make all the difference to your taste buds.

Can You Put Frozen Fries In A Fryer?

Getting your fries pre-cut and frozen is the way to go if you’re looking for a quick side dish! No need to wait around for those potatoes to thaw – just pop ’em straight in the fryer, saving time and effort. Pre-prepared food has never been so fast or convenient.

Can You Stack Frozen Fries In Air Fryer?

Yes. You can maximize your air fryer’s space by stacking those frozen fries. But don’t overcrowd the appliance – that can cause uneven heating. Lay out each batch of fries flat so you’ll get an even, delicious crunch throughout all your batches.


Cooking frozen French fries in your air fryer couldn’t be easier. As a fellow fry-lover, I swear by these simple steps to achieve perfectly crispy fries. First things first, preheat your air fryer – trust me, this step is important! Next, make sure to space out your fries so they cook evenly and avoid overcrowding the basket. Now for my favorite part – experimenting with seasonings and dips to elevate the flavor! Not only are air fryers a healthier option than traditional frying methods, but the best part is they still deliver that same classic taste. So go ahead, indulge in your favorite fast food fries without the added guilt.

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