How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake – How Many People Does a Sheet Cake Feed?

While many people consider rectangle cakes to be old school, they look majestically good, especially with the right frosting and other edible decorations. Additionally, if you’re hosting a party of over a dozen people, sheet cakes are an excellent option for you.

Though I understand various sizes of sheet cake might baffle you, fret not!

In this article, I will discuss everything about a quarter sheet cake which is ideal for hosting a party of over a dozen people.

So, let’s get baking!

How big are quarter sheet cakes with serving size??

Quarter sheet cake, as the name suggests, is a quarter of the size of a full sheet cake which is baked on sheet pans for more depth.

Quarter sheet cakes are ideal for small company events, birthday parties, casual farewell party,, baby showers, kids parties, and anniversaries. They measure around 9 inches by 13 inches in size with a serving size of around 12 to 15 people.

You can customize your sheet cake however you want with edible decorations according to the occasion.

How deep is a quarter sheet cake?

So, on average, a quarter sheet cake is 2 inches deep and 2 inches in height (2 x 2). But, the depth of quarter sheet cakes largely depends on the specific recipe and baking techniques used.

Overall, the depth of a quarter sheet cake depends on the sheet cake pan length and recipe.

How Many People Can A Quarter Sheet Cake Feed?

The serving size of a quarter sheet cake is 12. Therefore, a standard quarter sheet cake feed around 12 people. However, the specific serving sizes depend on the size of the slices and the appetites of the hosts. Also, the serving size depends on the occasion and dessert options.

If you’re hosting a party with a quarter sheet cake as the main dish, it may feed fewer people. However, if you have other side sweet dishes, the cake slices would suffice.

Ideally, a quarter sheet cake feed around 12 people, but it won’t accommodate parties larger than 12 people. Did you know that you can make your yummy cake last longer by freezing it.

Dimensions and shape of a quarter sheet cake

Typically, a quarter sheet cake measures approximately 9 x 13 inches. However, the length and width may vary depending on the recipe or sheet cake pan length.

As far as the shape is concerned, a quarter sheet cake is always a rectangle with straight or rounded edges. The best part about its shape is it’s always easier to cut and distribute the slices evenly.

Calculation of the number of servings of a quarter sheet cake

It’s crucial to take both the size of the cake and the serving size into account when estimating how many servings a quarter sheet cake may provide. A common formula for determining the number of servings that works every time is:

  1. Calculate the serving size: A sheet cake’s normal serving size is 2 by 2 inches (5 by 5 cm). However, you may change the size according to your taste or the situation.
  2. Calculate the area: You must calculate the cake’s area to ascertain the total number of servings. To calculate the cake’s total square inches (or square centimeters), multiply the cake’s length by width in inches (or centimeters). The area would be 117 square inches, for instance, if the quarter sheet cake is 9 x 13 inches.
  3. Divide: Divide the whole area of the cake by the area of each dish. This will then provide you with a ballpark figure for servings. If each serving is 2 × 2 inches (4 square inches), then 117 square inches would be divided by 4 square inches to produce about 29 servings.

And this is how in 3 easy steps you can calculate the number of servings of a quarter sheet cake.

How to make a perfect quarter sheet cake that tastes delish

A sheet cake is a party staple that people love. Here is an easy way to make it the right way.

Prepare sheet cake pans

Use a cooking spray or grease the sheet pan to ensure easy release of the cake. You can also line the sheet pan with parchment paper. I always advise using a cake pan with straight sides so the cake bakes evenly.

Measure and mix properly

Needless to say, if you want to bake a perfect full half-and-quarter cake, the key is accurate measurements and mixing of the ingredients.

Therefore, I suggest using a proper kitchen scale or measuring cups for precision. Avoid overmixing at all costs as it may result in a tough cake, while undermixing can lead to uneven texture. So, you have to be precise when it comes to mixing.

Temperature and baking time

Always preheat your oven to the recommended time in the recipe and place the sheet cake pans in the center to distribute heat evenly.

Turn the time clock on, and keep an eye on the time. Use a toothpick to check for cake doneness.


After the cake is baked and done, allow it to cool down completely at room temperature. Here’s some tips on how to keep your delicious cake fresh for as long as possible.

Frosting and decorating

Make sure the cake is cooled completely before you apply frosting or decorations, and add whatever you wish to add to the cake.


How many people can a quarter sheet cake feed?

Typically, quarter sheet cakes feed around 12 to 15 people. But, it largely depends on the serving size, pan area, and individual appetites. Also, it depends on the occasion and other dessert options.

How does a quarter sheet cake compare to other cake sizes?

A quarter sheet cake size is smaller than a half sheet cake and a full sheet cake. The half-sheet cake measure around 11 x 15 inches. While, the full sheet cake measure around 18 x 24 inches. Whereas, the quarter sheet cake sizes are 9 by 13 inches in size. Therefore, quarter sheet cakes are a popular choice as medium party sizes cakes for small gatherings such as birthday occasions, anniversaries, and other parties.

Can I customize the flavor and design of a quarter sheet cake?

Of course, you can customize the flavor and design of a quarter sheet cake as per your liking. You can choose frosting fillings, sprinkles, and various flavor cakes, including chocolate cake, vanilla cake, strawberry, or other exotic options. You can also choose edible cake decorations to add to cake layers.

Can quarter sheet cakes be stacked to create multi-tiered cakes?

Quarter sheets cakes usually come in a single layer and it is baked in a 9 x 13-inch pan size with a thickness of between 2 x 2 inches. On average, these cake serves around 12 to 15 people.

Unfortunately, due to their smaller slices and size, quarter-sheet cakes are not suitable for multi-tiered cakes. However, you can customize your cakes for a tiered appearance by stacking many quarter-sheet cakes together. If you want more designs or flavors for each layer, this might work well for you.

Can quarter sheet cakes be decorated with intricate designs or personalized messages?

Yes, definitely. Quarter cakes can be easily decorated with designs and messages with buttercream piping, fondant decorations, editable items, and prints. You can also request personalized greetings or messages or names to surprise your loved ones.

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