How Long Are Brownies Good For?

Brownies are everyone’s favorite treat for a reason. They taste good and embody a rich flavor that leaves you craving for more. Now, you’ve just finished whipping up a batch of freshly baked brownies. These homemade brownies are very delicious, but the problem is that you baked too many brownies. So you find a way to store what’s remaining, but you have some questions you need answered first. You want to know the shelf life of brownies, how to store them, how to store moist brownies in a way that preserves their moisture, and so many more. This is where we come in. We’ll show you the ways and divulge tips to help you preserve your cut brownies. Be sure to check out our ultimate guide on making super delicious brownies.

How To Store Brownies?

There are three ways to store delicious brownies in a manner that they will still taste as good as fresh brownies. You should also know how long brownies last, depending on the method you choose to adopt. You don’t want to store the brownies longer than recommended because that will make them lose flavor and texture over time. After looking at the methods of preserving brownies, you’ll most likely have a storage method that you prefer.

Storing Brownies At Room Temperature

If the weather is right and the humidity level is fine, keeping your cut brownies on the kitchen counter at room temperature is an ideal way to extend their shelf life. This method can keep your brownies fresh for as long as four days. After that, it may begin to lose moisture and flavor. So, we recommend this method of storing your brownies if you intend to use it a few days later. This duration is for homemade brownies, not brownies ordered online. The latter are baked in a different manner, and this gives them a longer shelf life. To know the shelf life, check the packaging of the store-bought brownies.

To store brownies properly at room temperature, put them inside an airtight container. Alternatively, you can use plastic wrap, cling wrap, parchment paper, or aluminum foil to cover the brownies. The reason is these will ensure your brownies are not exposed to air. If a fresh batch of brownies is kept on a surface without a covering to prevent air from making contact, it will become dry in no time.

Storing Brownies In The Freezer

The freezer is not our favorite spot to keep your brownies. However, it’s the best option for long-term storage. So, if you don’t intend to feast on these chocolatey goodies for a while, we’ll say freeze brownies. Freezing brownies can preserve them for up to six months and still make them taste good. In truth, the brownies last longer than that time window when stored in the freezer, but they will lose their flavor, taste, and texture. If that’s the case, we’ll simply advise you to make a fresh batch of brownies. Check out this great post about the best way to freeze your cake. It works great for brownies too!

Storing Brownies In The Refrigerator

Ideally, we don’t recommend storing your baked goods in the fridge; it’s literally the most hostile place to preserve brownies. That’s because refrigerated brownies are very dry and hard. You may wonder why we mentioned it as an option when it’s not ideal as a storage facility for brownies. Well, the fridge still has its uses despite the obvious downsides.

If you made frosted brownies or brownies with dairy toppings such as cream cheese frosting or whipped cream, refrigerate brownies. That’s because the frosting is made with perishable ingredients, and they will shorten the brownies’ shelf life. Another scenario where using the fridge is a good idea is if your location has a high-temperature/high-humidity climate. Ensure you wrap brownies tight or keep them in airtight containers to store them properly and keep them far away from the freezer. This method preserves the brownies for up to a week.

Strong Indications That Your Brownies Have Gone Bad

Brownies are so lovely and tasty that we want them to last permanently. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. What we can do is prevent having expired brownies in the house. How? By knowing the signs that indicate that the brownies have gone bad.

So here are the signs to watch out for:

Bad Smell

Just like other foods that have decayed or gone bad, brownies give off an unpleasant smell when they’re bad. So before you put your brownies in a ziploc bag or plastic container, ensure that you’ve smelt it. Consuming the brownies even after it has gone bad is an invitation to food poisoning.

Bad Taste

If you skip smelling the old brownies, a taste test can do the trick. If the taste is still pleasing to your taste buds, it’s good to go. On the flip side, if the taste is not pleasant, it’s time to put it in the trash bin.

The Brownies Will Have A Hard Texture

If you notice that your brownies have a hard feel that crumbles when you try to cut it, that means it has been exposed to too much air. Cut your losses and forget about it because it will never be the same again.

Change In Appearance

This sign may be more subtle than others, but it’s crystal clear if you know what to look for. If your brownies have a color that’s different from what they had when you brought out the baking tray from the oven, it’s bad. This sign, on its own, is not enough for you to conclude that the brownies are spoilt. It’s best if you follow it up by tasting or smelling them.

There are instances where a change in appearance is enough to make up your mind. If you see mold growth on it, even if it’s on a small part, throw the entire brownie away.

Storage Tips For Brownies

Do you want to store brownies properly? Let’s share some hacks that will make that work.

Coat It With Chocolate

This does two things. One, it makes your brownie look like a chocolate cake and gives it extra richness and creamy goodness. Two, it locks in the moisture, making sure your brownies retain their moisture despite their exposure to cold air in the fridge.

To execute this hack:

  1. Melt your chocolate and immerse each piece of brownie into it.
  2. Bring it out, allow the excess chocolate to drip off, and put the dipped brownies on parchment paper to cool completely and become firmer.
  3. Keep it in an airtight container or plastic wrap and store it.

Put Your Frosted Brownies Between Parchment Paper

The cream cheese frosting on the brownie makes it less easy to store, but there’s a way around it. Cut pieces from parchment paper and place them between the brownies before storing them in the fridge. If you’re opting for room temperature and want to ensure it’s properly stored, give the frosted brownies a quick chill to make the topping firmer if it is very soft.

Freeze Pre Cut Brownies

If you intend to store the brownies in the freezer, don’t cut them. Storing the brownie uncut makes it easier for it to retain moisture and makes the packaging at its center less vulnerable to cold air.

Regulate Moisture

Moisture significantly answers ‘how long do brownies last’. Too much of it is bad, and too little of it will give you a dry brownie. The trick is to keep the moisture in moderation. If you’re storing brownies at room temperature and the airtight container has too much moisture, place paper towels beneath the brownies to collect it. On the other hand, if your brownies have very little moisture, add a slice of bread to ensure they remain soft.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I Get Food Poisoning From Eating Brownies?

This depends on the ingredients you use in making your brownie mix. If the brownie recipes include the use of egg yolk and the brownie remains uncooked, there’s the risk of exposing your digestive system to salmonella. Food poisoning can also happen if you eat brownies that are bad.

How Can I Keep My Brownies Fresh For A Week?

By using some of our storage hacks. Firstly, use parchment paper to layer the brownies in the airtight container. Secondly, add a slice of bread to help the brownies retain their softness for up to a week.

How Long Do Boxed Brownies Last?

When you buy brownies in a box and don’t open it, they can last for 12-18 months when stored at room temperature.

Can You Keep The Brownie Mix In The Freezer?

Definitely. The unbaked brownie mix contains no leavening agents, so it will freeze well. You can store it for several months, thaw it, and it will look as new as a freshly prepared brownie batter.

How Can I Thaw Frozen Brownies?

Thawing your frozen brownies is a simple process. We’ll recommend putting them in the fridge overnight. This will retain the texture of the brownies. Then, heat the brownies in the microwave at 15-second intervals. Alternatively, heat in the oven with a baking pan.


In a fantasy world, brownies will never go bad, get dry, and lose texture or taste. Unfortunately, this is the real world, and even great-tasting treats can go bad. This is why we have to know how to store individual brownies properly. This includes knowing how to thaw them, how to store them using the various methods, and how long they last for each method. Pay attention to the storage tips to ensure your brownies last long and taste fresh. Lastly, watch out for the signs that will indicate it’s time to part ways with your beloved brownies. We’re hoping it doesn’t get to that. Until next time!

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