How Long to Grill Frozen Burgers

How Long to Grill Frozen Burgers—the Best Way to Grill Frozen Burgers on the Grill

So, you’re the star of arranging impromptu gatherings and parties, there’s a possibility you’re always looking out for crazy snaking ideas you can DIY at home. Or maybe, some nice recipes to kick the parties and get-togethers. But have you ever given frozen burgers a thought?

Frozen burgers are an excellent option for small parties and events, provided that they are loved by almost everyone!

However, many people often get confused about how long to grill frozen burgers because if they cook too little, they turn out very chewy and undercooked. And if they cook too much, they are overcooked and taste horrible!

So, in this article, I will educate you on the average cooking time of frozen burgers and how long to grill frozen burgers. Also, I will share a foolproof method of how to grill frozen burgers on the grill.

Stay tuned and keep grilling frozen burgers!

The Average Time to Grill Frozen Burgers

The average cook time for frozen burgers depends on a variety of factors, including the thickness of your burger patties, the temperature of the grill, the cuts or types of meat, desired level of doneness.

However, the safe level of the internal temperature of burgers is:

For Beef burgers: At least 160°F (71°C)

Poultry (chicken, turkey): 165°F (74°C)

Now, the average cooking time for frozen burger patties is 7 to 10 minutes on each side. But you can adjust your total grill time as per your preference. Also, I recommend using a meat thermometer to determine the doneness of meat.

How to Grill Frozen Burgers Like a Pro

Of course, besides convenience, there are a other few reasons why people prefer frozen burgers over anything.

Firstly, because frozen burgers cook relatively faster than other party items. Secondly, you can dress them up like you want. For example, you can go easy on the burger toppings or go all fancy. The sauces and hamburger buns can also vary according to the mood of the party.

Whatever it is, the main thing is grilling frozen burgers to perfection. Here’s how to do it the right way!

Preheat the Grill

Make sure you’re working on a hot grill before putting frozen patties on the grill to get the nice sear on the burgers. The hot grill also allows your burger patties to stay intact. Therefore, keep the grill on medium high heat.

Oil the Hot Grill

Before placing the burger patties directly on the hot grill, it’s suggested to lightly oil the surface of the pan to prevent sticking. Take a brush or a non-stick spray bottle to lightly oil your pan with vegetable oil.

Place Frozen Hamburger Patties on the Grill

Place the frozen burger patties on the grill and cover it. Cook frozen burgers nonstop for at least 7 minutes or until they are fully cooked.

Flip the Burgers

The art of making perfect burgers lies in the flipping timing. Novice cooks often fail to tell when to flip the burger patties. The problem is, that burger patties are thin pieces of meat unlike juicy ribeye steaks, therefore, their internal temperature easily changes. If you don’t flip the burger patties on time, they might get overcooked and taste pathetic! 

The key is to notice the sides. Once the brownness and juices start to show up, it’s time to flip the burger patties. While flipping, make sure you avoid the flare ups from the dripping grease juice. Once you’ve flipped, cook the other side for about 7 minutes and notice the char and grill marks.

Check Internal Temperature

Always check the internal temperature for your desired doneness. For beef patties, the internal temperature is at least 160°F (71°C) while for chicken and other poultry items, it is, 165°F (74°C).

Add Cheese Slices

Adding cheese is optional but recommended to enhance the flavorful taste of your burgers. Add a cheese slice at least one minute before they are done and close the grill lid to melt the cheese. Once they’re done, let it rest for a few minutes to distribute the juices evenly.

Serve It Immediately

Place the hamburger buns and add your favorite toppings or burger seasoning. You can also toast the buns lightly if needed.

Note: If you’re adding lettuce, make sure to place it on the bottom bun to create a moisture barrier.

What Are the Best Frozen Burger Toppings?

For burger toppings, you can add pretty much whatever you like. However, nothing beats the taste of classic toppings; eggs and cheese for me!

Just make sure to prepare frozen burger toppings as you get the burger patties ready. You can also add lettuce, mushrooms, and icebergs as per your preference.

When Should I Add Cheese to Frozen Burgers?

You should add cheese in the end because cheese acts as a glue that holds other toppings in place. Add the cheese in the end and close the lid for at least 50 seconds to melt it well.

Should I Thaw Grilled Frozen Hamburger Patties Before Grilling?

Personally, I find it much easier to cook frozen burgers without thawing them. Frozen burgers are made with small wax sheets in between to make it easy to separate. You can literally place them directly on the grill.

What to Season Frozen Burgers With?

Though frozen burgers come already seasoned, if you still want to add seasoning, don’t add it when the burger patties are frozen because the seasoning will not stick. Instead, season frozen burgers straight onto the grill when they’re hot.

You can add salt and pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, kosher salt, and black pepper as the best seasoning for frozen burgers.

What is the Best Grill Setting for Frozen Burgers?

The best grill settings for frozen burgers to cook evenly and safely are as follows:

  1. Preheat the grill before placing the burger patties. If you have a gas grill, the temperature should be set at medium-high (about 400°F or 204°C). If you have a charcoal grill, pile coals on one side and leave the other side coal-free to cook frozen burgers evenly without overcooking them or burning them.
  2. Season the burgers: Though the frozen burgers are already seasoned and prepared, you can still season them with salt and pepper, onion powder, and other seasonings of your liking.
  3. Grill frozen burgers: Place the seasoned patties on the hot grill to sear.
  4. Internal temperature: For beef patties, the internal temperature should be 160°F (71°C). I recommend using a meat thermometer for accuracy and safety in cooking.
  5. Serve: Once cooking frozen burgers is done, let it rest for a few seconds and serve with your favorite sauces. Letting your burgers rest for a while will result in the juiciest grilled burgers you’ve ever tried!

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