How to Freeze Cake So It Stays Delicious

Cakes are one of the best treats in the world. Cakes are always a great choice whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just indulging in something sweet. However, baking them on the spot is time-consuming. Most of us want an easy way to enjoy our cakes. If you also don’t like to prepare cake in hassle, freezing cake is the perfect solution.

Freezing allows you to have a delicious treat whenever you want. Moreover, by freezing, you can break the process of preparing a cake in steps. You can prepare cake layers in one day and freeze it. Add frosting on it the next day. Decorate it with toppings on the third day. In this blog post, you’ll explore how to freeze cake. So, let’s get into it.

How to Freeze Layer Cakes?

There’s nothing quite as delightful as a beautifully layered cake. The delicious taste of layers is worth all the time and effort. Freezing them is a game-changer. You can conveniently store them. They don’t need as much space as sheet cakes.

To keep your cake fresh and tasty for longer, first, bake the cake properly. Once it’s done, let it cool down and tightly wrap it in food-safe plastic wrap, making sure no air or moisture gets in. For extra protection, place the wrapped cake in an airtight container or freezer-safe bag. If you don’t have a container, use aluminum foil to seal it. Remember to label each cake layer with the baking date for easy reference. Lastly, put the container or foil-wrapped cake in the freezer. By following these steps, your cake will stay delicious for an extended period.

How to Freeze Sheet Cakes?

Sheet cakes, which are baked in rectangular pans, can be a delicious treat. But freezing them can be a bit tricky. Sheet cakes are great as a they can feed a lot of people.  The size of the cake determines how it should be frozen, and each size requires a specific method. So, if you want to preserve the goodness of your sheet cake, make sure you freeze it the right way.

After baking a 13 by 9-inch sheet cake, cool it on wire racks. Once cooled, cover the cake with plastic wrap to seal it properly. Put the wrapped cake back in the pan or tray to stabilize its shape. Label the cake with the baking date and cover it with foil. Freeze the cake to preserve it.

After baking in a 15×10-inch pan, let it cool in the pan. Once completely cooled, remove and tightly wrap in plastic wrap, ensuring no air gets in. Then, place it back in the pan or use a tray or box if easier. Cover with foil and label with the baking date. Finally, freeze for homemade cake convenience.

How Long Can Cake Last in the Freezer?

Did you know that frozen cake can last up to six months? For the best taste and freshness, it’s recommended to use it within three months. To stay organized, remember to label each cake layer or container with the baking date. So go ahead and freeze with confidence! You may also be wondering how long cake lasts in the fridge so check out this great article we created.

Can You Freeze Cake Batter?

Save time by freezing cake batter for later use. Make the batter as usual, pour it into a cupcake pan for easy portioning, or seal it tightly in airtight bags before freezing. The best part? The frozen batter can be stored for 3 months. When needed, simply thaw it overnight and bake it. It’s a convenient solution for those craving homemade treats on demand.

To make a perfect cake, don’t freeze batter with whipped egg whites. Thawing it will ruin the texture and result in a soggy cake. Save the egg whites for just before baking.

Can You Freeze Cake Icing?

Freezing cake icing may not always work. If your icing has whipped egg whites, don’t freeze it because it won’t hold its shape after thawing.

You can freeze buttercream frosting and cream cheese frosting. After thawing, they will still have a great texture. Depending on the frosting, you can freeze it for one to three months. To freeze a frosted cake, just put it in the freezer without wrapping it. Once the frosting is set, take it out and tightly wrap the cake with food wrap or foil to prevent it from drying out. Freezing frosted cakes or cupcakes is a great way to prepare them ahead of time.

Can You Freeze a Cake that Has Fondant Icing?

Are you a fan of delicious and beautiful fondant cakes? Well, here’s some great news. They’re super easy to freeze! Simply wrap the cake really well with multiple layers of plastic wrap to create a sealed package. To keep it from drying out, cover the cake with aluminum foil. Pop it in the freezer and let it sit for up to a month. That’s it! Whenever you’re ready, you can indulge in your frozen fondant cake.

Supplies for Storing Freezing Cakes

It’s crucial to have the right supplies to freeze your cake perfectly. These supplies will not only keep your cake safe from air exposure but will also maintain its yummy taste and texture. To store your cake properly, you’ll need the following supplies:

Plastic Wrap

Keep your cake fresh and freezer burn-free by wrapping it in high-quality, freezer-safe plastic wrap. Not only will this safeguard your cake, but it will also keep any unwanted odors out.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a must for keeping your cakes fresh. It creates a protective shield against moisture and air, ensuring that your cake remains moist and free from freezer burn. Plus, its shiny surface helps maintain a consistent temperature, keeping your cake chilled.

Cake Layers

Freezing a whole cake may not be the best option. You’ll need more room to freeze cakes compared to the layers. It’s more advantageous to freeze cake layers separately.


Keep your cakes fresh and safe with a durable fridge/freezer. Make sure you have a high-quality freezer that keeps a steady temperature to prevent your cake from drying out. And don’t forget to regularly check the temperature setting of your fridge or freezer to make sure it’s nice and cold.

How to Defrost a Frozen Cake

Get ready to eat your cake and enjoy it! Defrosting is easy and stress-free. Simply leave it in the fridge overnight, and it will thaw perfectly. No worries about a soggy cake; it will stay moist. The next day, unwrap it and get ready to decorate it with icing or just dig in. Get ready to savor every delicious bite!

Tips to Freeze Cake

Keep your cake fresh and delicious with these simple steps:

  • Check the expiration date of your ingredients before freezing. If they’re expiring soon, use them up instead of freezing.
  • Store the cake on a flat surface in the freezer for even freezing.
  • Wrap the cake in plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn.
  • Label the cake with the date it was stored in the freezer.
  • Enjoy the best flavor and texture within 3 months – don’t leave it in the freezer for too long.
  • Protect the cake by putting it in airtight containers or ziplock packs.
  • Did you know you can also freeze brownies to make them last longer too!


Always have a delicious cake at your fingertips! Freezing your cake is the key to ultimate convenience and amazing taste. Whether you’re in a rush or saving it for later, freezing preserves its freshness and flavor. Just make sure to seal it tightly to keep the air out. And when it’s time to defrost, take your time for the most mouth-watering results. With these simple tips, your cakes will stay amazing for a long time. So go ahead, freeze your cake, and enjoy it later!


What is the best way to freeze a baked cake?

To achieve a flawless frozen cake, securely wrap it in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Ensure its freshness and shield it from freezer burn by sealing it in an airtight container.

How do you freeze a cake and keep it moist?

Keep your cake moist when freezing by tightly wrapping it in high-quality plastic wrap. Make sure to encase the cake completely. Then, place it in an airtight container or zipper-lock bag and store it in the freezer. When you’re ready to enjoy it, your cake will still be moist and delicious!

Will freezing a cake ruin fondant icing?

No, freezing a cake won’t mess up the fondant icing. But slowly defrosting is important to keep the icing looking perfect.

Can you freeze a cake and it still be good?

You can totally freeze a cake, and it will still be delicious! Simply wrap it in plastic wrap and foil, place it in a sealed container, and pop it in the freezer. When you’re ready to enjoy it, simply thaw it out, and it’ll still taste mouth-wateringly amazing.

How do you freeze a cake without a freezer burn?

Keep your cake fresh and freezer-burn-free! Safeguard it by wrapping it tightly with plastic wraps and aluminum foil. No more unpleasant freezer burn taste when you thaw it out. Say farewell to freezer burn problems!

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