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How To Make Boxed Brownies Better?

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Brownies have always been an all-time favorite for a lot of people. The dark-colored delicacy is usually served at parties, as dessert, or just consumed as a snack in between meals. I’ll tell you something interesting about brownie lovers, me inclusive. There are two categories of people who indulge in this snack – those who love it but can’t make it and those who love it and know how to make it.

You’ll agree that the second category will enjoy this snack better because when you know how to make homemade brownies, you can have it anytime and any day. However, knowing how to make this snack is not enough. With the disclosure of some brownie mix hacks, you can enhance your skills and know how to make boxed brownies better. It all comes down to the brownie batter, that’s where the magic happens.

This is where I’ll come in. I’ll be showing you how to make box brownies better and impress anyone who cares to have a taste of your homemade brownie. Before we go right into the process, let’s start with the list of ingredients that will give you the best-boxed brownie mix.

Ingredients For A Good Brownie Mix

To make an amazing brownie batter, you don’t need all the ingredients in the world. With just 8 items, you can make magic. This is my box brownie recipe:

  • First ​things first, ​you’ll need your trusty brownie mix base. It contains all the good stuff like ​salt, baking powder, sugar, flour, and cocoa powder. Just make ​sure the box weighs around 18 ounces, and you’re good ​to go.
  • Now, here’s a secret ingredient that will take your ​​brownies to the next level – buttermilk! Instead of using regular water, try substituting it with a quarter cup of buttermilk. ​Trust me, it’ll give your brownie mix a richer flavor and a more delightful texture.
  • To enhance ​that chocolatey goodness, sprinkle in​ a tablespoon of instant coffee or espresso powder.
  • It really amps up the chocolate flavor and adds a nice kick!
  • For that extra touch of sweetness and flavor, add​ a ​tablespoon ​of ​pure vanilla extract. It’s like a little burst of magic in every bite.
  • Don’t forget a pinch of sea salt to balance out all the flavors.
  • Now, let’s bring it all together with some moisture. Add 2/3 cup of ​canola oil and crack in two ​big eggs. They bring ​in that much-needed moisture ​and help create those irresistibly fudgy brownies we all love.
  • And of course​, what’s a brownie without some chocolate chips? ​Toss in a whole cup of chocolate chips for ​that extra gooey texture and an intense​ chocolate flavor. Trust me, it’s worth it!

This is one of the best brownie recipes for a top-notch mix. When you’ve mastered the process, you can get creative with the list.

How To Make Good Brownies?

Now, to the part you’ve been waiting for. You’re just some steps away from making great box brownies. Pay attention to the guidelines:

  • First things first, preheat your oven to a toasty 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Trust me, this magic number will give your brownies that perfect texture.
  • Now, grab a nice and large bowl to work your baking magic. It’s where all the goodness will come together.
  • Next, pour in your brownie mix and gently fold in the other ingredients until everything is nicely blended. Oh, and here’s a little secret: adding some chocolate chips will give your brownies an extra burst of flavor. Yum!
  • You’ll need an 8 by 8 baking pan for this baking adventure. To prevent sticky situations, lightly coat the pan with some vegetable oil. Trust me, it’ll help when it’s time to dig into those delicious squares.
  • For easy removal later, line the pan with some foil or parchment paper. This trick will save you some hassle and make clean-up a breeze. Go ahead and transfer that brownie batter into your prepared pan. Looking good!
  • Now, if you’re a true chocoholic like me, it’s time to take it to the next level. Add more chocolate on top for that heavenly kick. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you later.
  • Pop your creation into the preheated oven and let it work its magic for around 45 minutes. Keep an eye on those babies, you wouldn’t want to overdo it. wink
  • Once the brownies are nice and gooey to the touch, it’s time to bring them out of the oven. Optional, but highly recommended: sprinkle some flaky sea salt. Trust me, it adds that extra touch of deliciousness that’ll make your taste buds dance.
  • Now, here comes the hard part: patience. Allow your masterpiece to cool on the kitchen counter for at least 30 minutes. This will ensure flawless and perfectly cut brownies. But hey, if you can’t wait that long, you can always speed up the process by putting them in the fridge for a few minutes. I won’t tell!
  • Finally, grab a knife and get ready to create beautiful boxed cuts. Depending on the size of your baking pan and the amount of batter, you should get about 9 beautiful squares – 3 in each row and column.

Effective Hacks To Make Your Boxed Brownies Better

Want to go from being an amateur to a pro in making good quality brownie mix? These tips below will make that possible and give you the best box brownie mix. I recommend you try Miss Jones Baking Organic Fudge Brownie Mix as it’s absolute delicious.

Make A Good Brownie Mix

It’s easy to understate the importance of brownie mixes, but this is the important step in making your brownies. You can’t afford to get it wrong. How you mix your brownie batter will determine how the brownies taste. Different brands produce brownie mixes, but I prefer using Ghirardelli chocolate supreme because I regard theirs as the best brownie mix. This is just one-half of this hack.

The other side requires using the ingredients in the right amount. Salt brings out the flavor in your gooey brownies and makes them taste homemade, but when you add too much of it, it can ruin the taste.

Use Butter For Your Brownies

You can’t go wrong with butter when it comes to baking. I recommend you use this instead of water. There’s this richness and depth that melted butter adds to your warm brownies. When you have a bite of brownies and the taste is something you can’t get enough of, butter was likely used to make the dessert cuisine. It’s hands down one of the best box brownie hacks.

Use Milk Or Heavy Cream Instead Of Water

This is another way of making box brownies to be more delicious. It also gives your brownie batter a healthy fat content and gooey feel. You may think I have issues with water, but I don’t. Water dumbs down the taste of your brownies and that’s why I’ll rather use anything else. So, use heavy cream or milk instead of water in your brownie mix.

Use Egg Yolk Instead Of The Whole Egg

If you want to bake brownies that will come out fudgy and with good fat content, use egg yolks, not the whole egg. The yolks from 2 eggs make up an entire egg. I recommend you do this, and you’ll get delicious brownies.

Use Hot Coffee Brew For The Brownie Mix Instead Of Water

The combination of coffee and chocolate is a match made in heaven. The best brownies are usually made with brewed coffee included in the recipe. It gives that extra burst of chocolate goodness and makes your box brownie taste better.

Use Vanilla Extract

I know what you’re thinking. What’s vanilla extract doing in a box brownie recipe? If you didn’t know, vanilla combines well with chocolate. The inclusion of this ingredient adds more flavor and sweetness to the box mix brownies.

Add Some Salt To The Brownie Batter To Mix

This is another item that triggers curiosity and skepticism. Salt doesn’t ruin the taste of your brownies if that’s what you’re thinking. On the contrary, it prevents your brownies from being too sweet by balancing out the effect of sweet ingredients. It also brings the sugar content in the brownies to a healthy level. I love adding salt to the batter and sprinkling some sea salt on top for extra taste, but doing the latter is optional. However, I give you my full assurance that it is worth trying out.

Alternate The Baking Directions For Slow And Low Bake

This is the best and safest way to bake your brownies because brownie mixes come with varying baking instructions depending on the brand. So when you put your brownie batter in your prepared baking pan, reduce the heat in the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the timer for 40 minutes. When the timer rings, take a toothpick and dip it in the brownie close to the edge of the pan. If it comes out with some dry crumbs or clean, that means your brownie is ready to be taken out.

Avoid Over-Mixing The Batter

This is a common mistake that a lot of us make. I can relate to it because I understand the root cause – enthusiasm. In your zeal to make the best brownies, you make stir the brownie mix for too long and this will result in a very dense brownie. Not exactly what you want. You’re probably wondering how you’ll know when the mix is ready to be inserted in the oven. Just stir your brownie mix till the mixture appears dry, then transfer it to a prepared pan and bake it.

Use Toppings And Frostings

Alright, folks! Let me spill the beans on one of my all-time favorite things: toppings and frostings for brownies. Trust me, this hack is a game-changer! The best part? There are endless options to jazz up your brownie. I personally go nuts with some whipped cream or Nutella. And let’s not forget about berries, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter chips, chocolate chunks, cream cheese, crushed potato chips, peppermint patties, candy bars, semisweet chocolate chips, and chopped nuts. Seriously, the possibilities are mind-boggling!

Add Espresso Powder Or Instant Coffee To The Mix

Here’s another trick to take your brownie to the next level: espresso powder or instant coffee. Let me tell you, this is a secret weapon to intensify the chocolate flavor! It’s just like that hack of adding hot coffee to the mix. All you have to do is throw in one or two teaspoons of espresso powder into the brownie batter. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making Brownies

To make the best brownies, there are certain errors that you have to avoid:

  • Using the wrong recipe for the desired texture
  • Not cutting your brownies properly
  • Cutting the brownies too Soon
  • Underbaking the brownies
  • Adding the brownie batter directly to the pan
  • Using too Many toppings
  • Not using enough moisture
  • Leaving out complementary ingredients
  • Relying on oil for your fat content
  • Using cocoa powder rather than chocolate
  • Using the wrong sugar to get the shiny effect on top of your brownies

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Pan Should I Bake My Brownies In?

Let me tell you, when it comes to evenly baked, moist, and absolutely irresistible brownies, nothing beats a shiny metal pan. Seriously, those glass pans don’t stand a chance! The way metal pans distribute heat is like magic, ensuring every little corner is baked to pure perfection. Say goodbye to those disappointing undercooked edges and say hello to a brownie experience that will blow your mind!

How Many Eggs Should I Use For My Brownies?

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, go ahead and treat yourself to the indulgent option of using 2 eggs (or hey, even better, just 1!). Trust me, this will give you a melt-in-your-mouth experience like no other. But wait, here’s the thing: if you’re after that irresistibly light and fluffy cakey texture, don’t be afraid to crack in more than 2 eggs. It might sound a little perplexing, but it’s all about personalizing your brownie adventure, you know?

What’s The Best Way To Cut Brownies?

Firstly, let your brownies cool completely. Then, use a straight blade instead of a serrated blade to make long and balanced strokes horizontally and vertically to get your boxed brownies.

What’s The Best Way To Store Brownies?

After all the effort you put in, you might start to wonder how long will my delicious brownies last? There are three ways to properly store brownies. The first method is to put the remnant in an airtight container and store it in a cool, dry place. This should last for 3-4 days. The second method is to store your brownies in a refrigerator, this can take you up to a week. Lastly, you can keep it in the freezer. If we’re talking about which of these methods is the best based on longevity, it will be the freezer as it preserves your brownies for as long as 3 months.

What Nutrition Does Brownie Contain?

100 grams of brownies include Total Fat (29 g), Saturated Fat (7 g), Cholesterol (73 mg), Potassium (176 mg), Sodium (343 mg), Protein (6 g), Total Fat (50 g). Brownies also contain Vitamin B6, Magnesium, iron, cobalamin, and calcium.

What’s the best way to store brownies (already answered)

How Will I Know When My Brownie Is Ready?

There are two ways to know if your brownies are ready to be consumed: the toothpick and temperature test. For the first method, you can know if your brownie is done by inserting a toothpick into the snack. If you’re going for a fudgy brownie, you should see some moist crumbs stuck to the center of the toothpick. As for the temperature test, check the internal temperature of the snack with a thermometer. For the cakey brownie, aim for a temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. As for the fudgy brownie, go for a temperature range of 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will My Brownies Still Cook Even After Taking Them Out Of The Oven?

Yes, your brownies will still cook as long as they remain in the foil and pan you placed in the oven. The heat transfer from those items and the internal heat of the brownie will continue cooking the snack until the heat cools down. To stop it, you should remove them from the foil and pan.

What’s The Best Way To Package My Brownies?

It depends on the intent. If you want to send them out and it’s a short distance, use greaseproof paper as a liner for the box you’ll put the brownies into. For longer trips, use Hivewrap around the pieces.

What Makes Brownies Fudgy?

The combination of butter and cream with chocolate. Sometimes, the recipe allows an extra egg yolk. In summary, the fatty ingredients should be more than the flour-based ingredients.

Why Are They Called Brownies?

They are referred to as brownies because of their deep brown color. It’s a fitting name.

Do You Cut Brownies When They’re Hot Or Cold?

You should always cut brownies when they’re cold because that’s when you can get a clean cut. If you attempt to do this when the snack is still hot, you’ll get flawed cuts because the brownie will crumble into small pieces.

What temperature will brownies be when they’re done? (Already answered)

How Do You Make Brownies Cool Faster?

Using icy-cold water to hasten its cooling is one method. Another method is to use the fridge. Alternatively, remove the snack from the pan and foil it baked in.

What Country Invented Brownies?

Brownies were invented in the US towards the end of the 19th century.

What Are The Types Of Brownies?

There are two types of brownies: cakey and fudgy brownies.

Why Is It Good To Refrigerate Brownies?

To preserve its taste and quality as well as to prevent it from getting contaminated.

How Long Should I Keep Brownies In The Oven?

You should leave your brownies in the oven for a maximum of 45 minutes or until it reaches the desired internal temperature.

Why Do My Brownies Sink?

If your brownies appear shrunken, it’s because they weren’t baked for long enough. The solution is simple. Just return it to the oven for about 5 minutes, and it will rise to the desired height.

How Can I Decorate My Brownies?

You can decorate your brownies in several ways, but my preferred topping is adding coconut shavings. You can also sprinkle powdered sugar or white chocolate chips on it.


Brownie is a cross between cookies and cakes and their deep, rich chocolate flavor gives an experience to remember. If you do things right. If it’s yr first time doing that, many things can go wrong, but they aren’t things that should sadden you. By the way, many of them are still fixable. As for the rest, you can learn from your mistakes and come out with a flawless brownie the next time.

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