How To Reheat A Burrito Like a Boss

Yum.. did someone say burritos? If you’re a Mexican cuisine fan and are always seeking new ways to enjoy delicious burritos, look no further! There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a piping hot, freshly cooked burrito, but sometimes that’s just not possible. From microwaves to ovens, learn which cooking method works best to bring yesterday’s comfort food back to life today! You can prepare your burrito quickly with the proper reheating techniques!

What is a Burrito?

What?? You are not seriously asking what our friend the delicious burrito actually is? Well just in case you live in a cave we’ll break it down for you. It is happiness and sunshine rolled up into a scrumptious hand-held dish. A burrito is a yummy meal from Mexico that you can enjoy any time of day. It’s a big tortilla filled with beans, cheese, meat, and vegetables. All the different ingredients together make it taste really good!  And the best part is that you can make it your own by adding as much or as little of anything as you want. Once you have your delicious burrito ready, don’t forget that you’ll need a great side dish to go with it.

What You’ll Need to Reheat a Burrito?

To enjoy a delicious reheated burrito, all you need is a microwave and some tasty toppings. Begin by placing your frozen or leftover burrito in the microwave, adding a dollop of sour cream, guacamole, or salsa for extra flavor. After heating for 1-2 minutes, savor the mouth-watering taste.

Some Way to Reheat Burrito

Do you sometimes crave a yummy burrito but don’t have time to make it from scratch? No need to fret! You can reheat burritos for a tasty and effortless meal. All you need to do is pop the burrito in your toaster oven or on a microwave-safe plate, and it will be good to go. Just make sure the oven reaches a temperature of 375°F before serving. If you’re reheating multiple burritos, don’t overcrowd the oven. Give each burrito enough space to heat up evenly and reach the perfect crispy texture. Enjoy your delicious and satisfying burrito fix in no time! This also works great for a breakfast burrito.


Reheat a Burrito in the Oven

Proper reheating is key to indulging in your delicious burrito once more. The carne asada burrito can be reheated with ease by following these simple steps. Begin by wrapping the burrito with a damp paper towel before placing it on a baking sheet suitable for the oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then insert the wrapped burrito. Allow for 8 to 10 minutes of cooking time, and voila! Your burrito is ready for consumption once more.

Reheat a Burrito in the air fryer.

If you’re on the hunt for a tasty and fast breakfast burrito solution, you’re in luck! Simply use your air fryer to reheat a burrito in just a few minutes. First, protect your burrito fillings by wrapping them in foil or placing them on parchment paper, which will prevent dryness. Next, place your burrito in the air fryer and set it to375°F for 5 minutes. This straightforward method will provide you with a perfectly reheated breakfast burrito in no time. Take a look at some other delicious things you can make in the air fryer.

Reheat a Burrito in the Microwave

When the craving for delicious burritos strikes, there’s no better way to satisfy it than reheating one in the microwave! All your favorite ingredients, like beans, cheese, and guacamole wrapped in a warm tortilla, can be consumed in just a few simple steps. So grab your burrito and prepare to enjoy this tasty treat in minutes. This same strategy works great with pizza rolls too!

Reheat a Burrito on the Stove

Reheating your frozen burrito on the stove makes bringing it back to its original taste easy. It is simple, quick and will make your burrito delicious again. You only need a stove, pan, oil, and a spatula to start. So heat the pan, add some oil, and place your burrito. Heat it for about two minutes on one side until golden brown. Then flip the burrito halfway and heat the other side.

Reheat a Burrito in the Toaster Oven

Looking for a quick and easy way to reheat frozen burritos? Meet your new go-to appliance: the toaster oven. With its efficiency and ability to deliver that freshly-baked taste, it’s the perfect solution. Updating your burrito is a breeze – wrap it up and pop it in. Then, simply set the timer and wait for that mouth-watering aroma to fill your kitchen. Before you know it, your burrito will be piping hot and ready to devour. Say goodbye to cold, soggy burritos and hello to easy, delicious meals with the toaster oven.

Reheat a Burrito on the Grill

If you’re craving a scrumptious and cozy burrito, we’ve got the perfect tip for you! All you need to do is wrap your burrito in tinfoil and place it on your grill for about 5-7 minutes. This will give your burrito that awesome smoky taste you just can’t resist. Don’t forget to make sure your burrito is heated before removing it from the grill. Simply wait a few minutes for it to cool, and then delight in savoring one of your beloved meals! If you’re into Mexican food as much as I am, then I can promise you’ll love our guide on how to cook tamales.

How NOT to Eat a Burrito

You almost can’t go wrong when it comes to “how” to eat your burrito. With your hands or with a knife and fork are both fine. There’s only one social Faux pas you must avoid if you don’t want to break the Internet with bad burrito etiquette. As one person learned in what has now become known as “BURRITOGATE”.


How to Store Leftover Burritos?

Got some burritos left over? No problem. To keep them fresh for the next few days, wrap them tightly in either aluminum foil or plastic. This easy method ensures that your burritos won’t dry out and will still be delicious when you’re ready to enjoy them again. Just don’t forget to label the packaging with the exact date and time you made them, remember to heat them up before eating. Say goodbye to stale burrito leftovers and hello to fresh, flavorful ones with this simple preservation technique.

How Do I Know If My Burrito Has Finished Warming Up?

Quickly check if your burrito is hot enough by using your sense of touch – it’s simple and reliable. Once the outside of the wrapper feels warm to the touch, you can be confident that it’s ready to eat. Additionally, you can test the internal temperature by taking a small bite and gauging its warmth and flavor. The irresistible aroma will also confirm its readiness.

Tips for Reheating Burritos to Keep Them Delicious and Moist

When reheating burritos, never settle for a dry and tough result. Here’s how you can keep your burrito tasting delicious and moist:

  • First, wrap it in foil before placing it in the oven. This helps seal in moisture and prevent drying out.
  • You can use an air fryer to fast heat the burrito without drying it out.
  • Also, don’t forget to add a splash of water or vegetable broth to the foil before reheating—this will help keep your burrito moist and delicious.
  • For best results, reheat for about 10-15 minutes at 350°F.
  • When not cook up some delicious tater tots or air fry some pizza rolls to go with your burrito.


Don’t be intimidated by reheating burritos! With the right methods, you can enjoy a delicious and juicy burrito just like it was freshly made. Now that you’ve mastered the burrito, be check out another delicious meal time treat.

Proper preheating and cooling techniques are key to maintaining the burrito’s taste, consistency, and nutrients, so don’t skip them. When warming up your burrito, go slow to avoid drying it out. Simply wrap your burrito in a paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds, flipping it over occasionally until it’s heated all the way through. Then sit back and savor your tasty meal! Bonus tip. If you love Mexican food then also check out our helpful guide on making frozen tamales taste amazing.


Is it OK to reheat a burrito?

Don’t worry, it’s totally okay to reheat a burrito! Whether it’s from Chipotle or somewhere else, burritos are perfect for reheating and enjoying later. Just be careful not to make it too soggy. Satisfy your craving for a cozy and delicious burrito once again. Reheating is a simple and tasty way to enjoy the flavors of your favorite burrito. It makes the tortilla soft, and the filling gets even more flavorful as it warms up.

How do you reheat takeaway burritos?

You can easily reheat a takeaway burrito for a quick and tasty meal. Just warm a skillet or pan on medium heat and place the burrito on it. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until warm. If you want more flavor, add some cheese while it heats. Good with hot sauce or salsa. This method is simple and fast, so you can enjoy a Mexican meal without much fuss. When the burrito craving hits, use this easy method to satisfy it in no time!

Can I eat a burrito the next day?

Burritos are perfect for meal prepping and can be enjoyed cold or reheated. They are delicious, nutritious, and super convenient. So when you’re wondering if you can eat burritos the next day, the answer is yes! You only need to wrap it in foil or plastic wrap and preserve it in the fridge. Reheat it for a fast and easy meal or enjoy it cold – either way, your burrito will be just as delectable as the day before. So go ahead, and enjoy your burrito the next day!

Is it OK to eat leftover burritos?

It depends on how you store it. A leftover burrito can be eaten safely if stored properly in the refrigerator. Just make sure to heat the burrito until it’s steaming hot all through. This will remove any bacteria and make your burrito delicious again! So yes, it is OK to eat a leftover burrito – but only if you store and reheat it properly to enjoy it without any worries! Because, after all, who doesn’t love a good burrito? So go ahead and indulge in your best Mexican treat.

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