How To Thicken Spaghetti Sauce

Have you ever experienced a spaghetti sauce disaster resulting in a watery sauce? Fret no more! Elevate your pasta game by discovering a simplistic trick to thicken your sauce to perfection. Our guide will tell you how to achieve a smooth, thick texture for a remarkable and unforgettable meal. With various ingredients discussed, from tomato paste to tapioca starch, you’ll discover which one is optimal for your needs. Moreover, we’ll explore the length of time it takes to reach that saucy goodness. If you desire a delectable Italian feast, delve into the world of thicker sauces with us. Let’s dive in to learn about it.

Simmer Your Spaghetti Sauce

Transform your pasta sauce from good to great with one simple step: simmer your watery pasta sauce. Discover the legendary technique of steaming and create a rich, flavorful, and irresistible tomato sauce that will impress your family. And while you’re at it, why not indulge in some homemade mashed potatoes as well? It’s an easy win-win solution.

Put in Tomato Sauce

Elevate your spaghetti dish by using our delectably rich and thick sauce. Our tomato sauce is guaranteed to take your taste buds on a new and exciting culinary journey. And that’s not all! For an added layer of thickness, take ground meat, brown it in a skillet, and add it to our marinara sauce. Simmer it to perfection and enjoy the new and improved taste. We can confidently say that this will be your go-to sauce for every spaghetti dish moving forward.

Add Cornstarch Slurry

Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to improve the texture and consistency of your dish without any hassle? Look no further than the cornstarch slurry trick. By combining cornstarch with a cold liquid in a separate bowl and adding it to your soup or sauce, you can thicken it to your liking while also enhancing the taste. All you need to do is bring it to a boil and voila! You’ll have a delicious, thickened dish in no time. Say goodbye to complicated thickening methods and hello to an effortless, speedy, and delicious solution.

Add a Roux

Make your spaghetti sauce even more delicious by adding a roux to achieve a thicker and richer texture. A velvety and decadent mouthfeel will take your sauce’s taste to new heights. For a more distinctive flavor and even thicker lushness, try adding potatoes. Your dinner guests will be blown away by this unique culinary creation.

Add Mashed Potatoes

Are you searching for a delectable and multi-purpose food item to enhance your spaghetti? Then indulge in mashed potatoes. With a smooth texture and versatile taste, mashed potatoes can be paired with a diverse range of unique dishes. For a flawless accompaniment to your main dishes, consider adding mashed potatoes to your menu. They are perfect for thickening spaghetti sauce. You can easily create a yummy batch with simple ingredients in no time at all!

Add Egg Yolks

If you’re searching for a way to give your cooking a luxurious twist, consider using egg yolks. They have the power to enrich your dishes with a delightful creaminess and irresistible taste, taking your meals up a notch. Moreover, egg yolks won’t hurt your wallet, making them an excellent choice for any kitchen with budget concerns. What’s more, they’re a rich source of nourishing fats and nutrients that can leave you feeling satiated for longer. So why not experiment? Break a few eggs, enhance your culinary skills, and turn your meals into a gourmet experience.

Add Ground Beef Or Sausage

Are you looking to enhance the texture of your spaghetti sauce? Consider adding ground beef or sausage to your recipe! Simply prepare 1/2 pound of your preferred meat in a saucepan using medium heat. Use a wooden spoon to break the meat apart as it cooks. Add a dash of salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic powder to season your meat. Once cooked to perfection, combine the meat sauce with canned tomatoes to reach your preferred thickness. Don’t forget to add your cooked spaghetti noodles and let the sauce simmer for 10-15 minutes. This will ensure all flavors blend perfectly, creating an ideal, thick, and delicious tomato sauce.

Add Cornstarch

Transform your pasta sauce with ease using cornstarch. By incorporating this simple ingredient, your spaghetti sauce will have a denser texture and richer taste. Achieving a deliciously thickened spaghetti sauce is easy – simply blend a single tablespoon of cornstarch with cold water and incorporate it while cooking on medium heat.  Indulge in the taste of your delectably thickened sauce. You’ll relish the outcome.

Add Vegetables

To create a luscious and savory spaghetti sauce, it’s crucial to thicken it. Consider incorporating diced vegetables like carrots, onions, mushrooms, or bell peppers to elevate the texture of the sauce and enhance its natural sweetness. By doing so, your spaghetti sauce will be rich and complex, unlocking incredible flavor profiles that will take your recipe to the next level. With a few simple ingredients, you can easily transform your ordinary spaghetti sauce into something truly extraordinary.

How To Make Spaghetti Sauce Not Watery

If you’re having trouble with watery spaghetti sauce and want to know how to thicken spaghetti sauce, there are a few ways to fix it. Firstly, simmer it for longer to remove some of the liquid. You can also use tomato paste or pureed vegetables to thicken it up. Another option is to mix cornstarch and water and add just a bit to the sauce to reduce it quickly.(Be careful not to use too much, or it will clump up!) With these helpful techniques, you can make a heavenly spaghetti sauce that will stay put on your plate.

Why Isn’t My Spaghetti Sauce Thick?

If your spaghetti sauce is too thin, don’t worry! You can fix it easily without ruining your dinner. Here are a few simple steps you can take to thicken your sauce. Firstly, try reducing the liquid in your recipe. Another option is to use tomato paste or puree. You can also add cornstarch, flour, or pureed vegetables to thicken it up. Don’t let a thin sauce bring you down. With these straightforward tips, you can make your spaghetti sauce thicker in no time.

The Wrap Up on Spaghetti Sauce

Preparing a rich and flavorful spaghetti sauce is crucial in the current food environment that values diverse and delicious food. Don’t fret if your sauce seems too thin. Simply follow these simple and practical steps to thicken it without requiring any extra ingredients. Although pasta sauce is typicality thicker and more complex than spaghetti sauce, with a little thickening it can work great on ravioli and other types of pasta.

You can try various techniques, such as decreasing the liquid content, incorporating tomato paste or puree, or using starchy substances like cornstarch, flour, or blended vegetables. Experiment and determine the best method for achieving your desired sauce consistency. With several alternate approaches available, enjoy exploring and improving your recipe. Why not make some delicious spaghetti for dinner tonight? Check out our article about what goes with spaghetti to get some creative ideas.


What is a good thickener for spaghetti sauce?

Are you seeking a hassle-free way to make your spaghetti sauce thicker? Look no further than these straightforward techniques. Start off by using a small amount of cornstarch or flour mixed with water and then stirring into the sauce. You can also use tomato paste or puree, adding a few spoonfuls and stirring the sauce until it’s well combined. To get an extra burst of flavor and richness, finish off with grated Parmesan cheese or heavy cream. Follow these easy steps to achieve the ideal thick spaghetti sauce every time.

Why is my spaghetti sauce watery?

Learn to fix watery spaghetti sauce with simple methods. Try reducing the amount of liquid added to your base. Use less broth or thicken tomato sauce. Letting the sauce simmer on low heat lets extra liquid evaporate. For an even thicker sauce, mix cornstarch or flour with warm water and add it to the sauce. Experiment with these techniques to find what works best for you.

How can I thicken a sauce quickly?

When it comes to thickening a sauce quickly, there are several options. The most obvious is adding cornstarch or flour to your sauce and whisk it in until it’s dissolved. It is also possible to add some butter, heavy cream, or even Greek yogurt – remember that these will give the sauce a more creamy flavor. If you want to thicken the spaghetti sauce, add tomato paste and stir until combined. This should help create a thicker consistency without changing the taste too much. Finally, reducing the sauce over medium-high heat can also help thicken it as the liquid evaporates and the sauce becomes more concentrated.

Does spaghetti sauce thicken the longer it cooks?

If you’re seeking a way to thicken your spaghetti sauce, you’ll want to give it extra love and attention. Cooking the sauce for longer over low heat will help reduce the liquid content of the sauce and thicken the longer it cooks. Make sure to stir the sauce occasionally, allowing all its flavors to come together and create a delicious, broad sauce perfect for your next pasta dish! Remember – the longer you cook it, the tastier (and thicker) it’ll be! It can also thicken your spaghetti sauce with simple ingredients like cornstarch, egg yolks, or pureed vegetables. Just remember that a little bit goes a way – adding too much can make the sauce overly thick.

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