What is a Breve Coffee? Everything You Need to Know About This Amazing Drink

Kick-start your day with the unstoppable brew that packs an extra punch. Breve coffee gives you a flavorful combination of espresso and steamed milk for maximum flavor. Plus, it’ll give you the jolt to really wake up. Whether sizzling hot or poured over ice cubes, nothing beats this energizing treat when it comes to beating exhaustion. Enjoy its bold taste, as well as some long-lasting refreshment power. It’s sure to get anyone going in no time.

In a Nutshell:

A breve coffee, also known as cafe breve or breve latte, contains the same amount of espresso and half and half. It’s similar to the Italian latte, but even more luxurious and creamy. The Cortado (originating from Spain), which is made with espresso and whole milk, is the closest drink to a breve coffee.

What is a Breve Coffee?

Need an extra boost to get through the day? Look no further than breve coffee, also known as a breve latte. This delicious espresso drink is made with half and half for a thicker, creamier texture that pairs perfectly with its sweet flavor. Blending equal parts of whole milk and cream gives this special libation richness not found in other coffees.

What Is The Difference Between A Latte and A Breve Latte?

Start your day with a delicious, creamy delight. Indulge in the sumptuousness of a latte or breve. From heavenly smooth textures to just the right amount of sweetness. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for half and half for that added flavor boost.

What’s a latte? Amp up your morning caffeine fix with richly brewed espresso and slightly sweetened steamed whole milk served cafe-style in an irresistibly luxurious drink. Now that’s what we call liquid heaven. It can’t get better than this.

How’s breve coffee different from a breve latte and a regular coffee? A breve coffee is a coffee drink made with 50/50 half-and-half and espresso. A breve latte is made with an espresso and steamed half-and-half, which gives it a very fluffy and rich texture. A classic latte is made with espresso and steamed milk.

A breve is a great way to amp up your latte instead of just using boring old milk foam. This creamy blend is delicious and has all your cravings satisfied. Make latte breve your go-to drink anytime you need an extra special indulgence! It’s a very simple latte recipe that goes perfectly with a nice scone or pastry. Keep in mind the overall flavor and strength of your drink will really depend on if you are using regular coffee or espresso coffee.

How to Make Breve Coffee?

Need a coffee that packs twice the flavor? Breve coffee is here to save the day. With its unique blend of espresso and steamed half-and-half, it’s no surprise why this creamy cup of joe has taken off in popularity. Ready for your taste buds to do a double take? Follow these easy steps for an unbeatable treat you won’t want to miss out on:

Make the Espresso

Want to make the ideal cup of café breve? Starts with an espresso machine and fresh medium-dark roast beans (Espresso Beans vs. Coffee Beans. learn the difference.). Get your grinder ready, fire up that coffee maker, and pull a double shot. You’ll be sipping on heavenly creamy perfection in no time. Pour it into your mug alongside some delicious half & half-cream. Just make sure not to use light roasts as they won’t give enough flavor oomph. Make sure you are using the right amount of coffee beans in your grinder.

Froth The Half and Half

To make the most out of your delicious creamy coffee drink, steam up some high-fat half-and-half. It’s readily available in any grocery store near you! Then use a milk frother to create light peaks with an inviting glossy sheen on top. If it needs more foam, just continue frothing until perfection is achieved.

Add Half and Half in Your Espresso

Create an impressive coffee experience. Pour your perfectly foamed half and half into the espresso cup and watch it lightly settle on top. You can also show off some professional-level barista skills by pouring half-and-half ever so slowly over to create a mesmerizing marbled pattern.

What are Popular Breve Coffee Variations?

Transform your breve coffee into a flavorful masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for an extra dose of sweetness or bolder, creamy notes, there’s something for everyone. Try the following mentioned tantalizing flavors and stirred up the perfect cup every time. Here is a great tip. You can also make a breve with french press coffee for a great taste!

Iced Breve Coffee

Enjoy a delicious, energizing reward this summer – whip up an ice-cold Breve coffee. Brew espresso with added oomph, chill it in the fridge until icy cold, then top off your concoction with frothy half and half. Don’t forget those cubes for that extra special touch. For true decadence, add whipped cream to this already amazing beverage, and you’ll be sipping on perfection all season long. An iced breve works great with all kinds of different coffee such french roast, espresso, regular coffee, and pretty much anything.

Mocha Breve Latte

Treat yourself to an indulgent experience without leaving the house. Enjoy a mocha breve latte, combining rich and bold espresso with deliciously creamy steamed milk infused with decadent chocolate. Top it off for maximum toothsome goodness of whipped cream drizzled over glistening streams of delicious syrup.

How to Order Breve Coffee at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Don’t stress if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the coffee shop menu. Simply ask your barista for a delicious breve latte. Add some extra flavor with chocolate or caramel syrup to make it suitable for your taste.

Spice up your Starbucks experience with a breve latte. Request an espresso drink made with steamed half and half instead of milk. The barista will know what you mean. As an extra special touch, they’ll even write the letter ‘B’ on your cup as a sign that it’s been bumped up to this delicious combination. This is definitely not something to miss out on. Get creative and try some indulgent coffee fun.

3 Reasons People are Switching to Breve Coffees

Get ready to fall in love with Breve coffee. This game-changing brew has everyone hooked thanks to its mild, creamy flavor that’s way better than your usual espresso. Don’t believe us? Taste it for yourself. We guarantee you won’t regret it. More and more folks are switching to breve coffee for the following reasons:

  • Craving a coffee so smooth it could make your tastebuds swoon? Breve is here to save the day. Combining fresh espresso with creamy half and half, this delicious blend of flavor will keep you coming back for more. Stop missing out now and join everyone else who can’t get enough of their cup of brev today.
  • Need an extra kick of energy to take on your day? Breve coffee is the answer. Enjoy a creamy indulgence made with espresso and half-and-half for flavor. You’ll be energized in no time. It gives you all the focus, concentration, and motivation levels needed to power through any task that comes along. Say hello to smooth deliciousness. It’s like having sunshine in every sip.
  • Unleash your inner barista and explore the exciting world of cafe breve. Treat yourself to a special concoction of flavors designed by you. Whether it’s for an occasion or just because, discover a perfect espresso-based masterpiece that’ll fit any mood. Let your imagination run wild. Experiment away and find the perfect drink that’ll fit any mood.

Does Breve Make You Gain Weight?

Treat yourself to a luxurious coffee experience without worrying about calories. Breve is the ideal choice for those aiming to find that balance between flavor perfection and moderation. Just go easy on the sugar or syrups to uptake a relatively low-calorie content.

Its fat composition contains essential nutrients which help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your body, protecting against associated health risks such as heart disease. So why not mix up some recipes while having fun with one of nature’s best gifts? Try out different flavors today. Get ready to sip away into teaspoonfuls of heavenly delight.

What’s The Conclusion on Breve Coffee?

Get pumped up for a totally flavor-packed experience! Breve coffee is here and ready to dazzle your senses with its creamy, mild flavor. A perfect balance between energizing refreshment and smooth satisfaction – it’s the espresso twist you’ve been searching for. Plus, there are plenty of lower-sugar options to explore, so customize away. Say goodbye to bitterness with this one-of-a-kind beverage today. Just remember moderation will keep those health benefits in check. If you’re ready for a truly extraordinary experience, then treat yourself to breve coffee. You’ll get a delightful flavor that’s sure to make your day even brighter.


What’s the difference between a latte and a breve?

Get your morning started just right with a delicious latte or breve. Classic latte is the perfect blend of fragrant espresso and silky steamed milk. Or, if you’re looking for something extra special to treat yourself, try one of our decadent breves – creamy half-and-half combined into every sip that will make it feel like an indulgent escape from everyday life.

Is a breve or latte healthier?

If you want to help keep your waistline trim but still enjoy a delicious espresso-based pick-me-up – then choosing a latte is the way forward! A delightful blend of caffeine and creamy-frothed milk, it boasts all the benefits of breve without an overload in calories. Get all the yum without any overtime at the gym.

Is Breve sweeter than a latte?

Yes, a breve is sweeter than a latte. Indulge yourself in a creamy, velvety latte experience. A breve is the perfect choice for those seeking an extra-smooth texture and decadent flavor. Made with steamed half-and-half instead of milk, this delicious concoction packs a rich punch full of indulgent goodness. Enjoy it today!

Is breve healthier than milk?

When it comes to nourishing your body with something special, nothing quite compares to the wholesome goodness of milk. But for a small treat? Breve could be just what you need! Adding this creamy delight in moderation can give you that extra little ‘something.’ So why not indulge now and then? Just don’t forget about good ol’ trustworthy Milk as your go-to healthful choice.

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