What is Brooklyn Style Pizza? Discover the Secret Behind Its Unique Taste!

Brooklyn style pizza has become a staple in the food industry. It is known for its unique taste and texture that make it stand out from other kinds of pizzas. The secret behind this delicious treat lies in its distinct preparation, ingredients, and baking process.

This article will explore what makes Brooklyn style pizza so special, and provide an insight into why it stands out compared to other types of pizzas.

The Crust Makes The Difference

What is Brooklyn Style Pizza? Essentially, Brooklyn style pizza has a thin, doughy crust that is crispy on the outside. This gives the dough more time to cook during baking. It is distinct from the cracker crust often found on other types of thin-crust pizza. The crucial elements of Brooklyn style pizza are its ingredients and how it’s prepared.

Brooklyn style pizza typically uses higher quality toppings. Such as fresh mozzarella cheese and San Marzano tomatoes compared to other varieties. It helps to enhance the flavor further.

Furthermore, the sauce used on Brooklyn-style pies is usually made from freshly crushed Italian plum tomatoes. And seasoned with oregano and garlic, making it even tastier than your average slice of pizza.

History Of Brooklyn Style Pizza

Brooklyn style pizza has a rich history rooted in the borough of Brooklyn New York. It is said that the first iteration of it was born from Italian immigrants. Who settled there and brought their culinary traditions with them.

Many say that its unique taste comes from how they stretched the dough on wooden boards to achieve thin crust perfection.  Before tossing it into hot ovens made of brick. This process created an incredibly light, airy texture and chewy crust. Which quickly won over locals’ hearts.

Nowadays Brooklyn style pizza is still popular among Italians as well as other cultures around the world. Some variations include using tomatoes sauce instead of traditional marinara. Or adding different toppings such as sausage or pepperoni for added flavor.

Popular chains such as Domino’s have even adopted this style by offering their version ‘Dominos Brooklyn Style.’ Whatever form it takes though one thing remains true Brooklyn style pizza will remain iconic for generations to come.

The Dough – The Foundation Of Brooklyn Style Pizza

Brooklyn style pizza is a type of thin crust pizza that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It began as an imitation of the classic New York Style Pizza. And has since evolved into a unique dish, a doughy crust with a crisp exterior. The key to Brooklyn style pizza lies in the ingredients used to make the dough and its preparation. You can make your delicious pizza creation in a variety of sizes. Personal sized is very common but why not just just go all in and make a large pizza!

The foundation of this particular type of pizza begins with all-purpose flour. Or high-protein bread flour  which is combined with salt yeast and water. This mixture is then kneaded until it reaches the desired texture. Afterward it’s proofed at room temperature allowing the gluten strands to develop and creating an elastic yet tender consistency when cooked in a hot oven.

Additionally some pizzerias will use either cornmeal or semolina on their baking sheets. Before placing the uncooked dough on top for added crunchiness.

Characteristics of Brooklyn Style Pizza Dough:

  • A combination of all purpose flour or high protein bread flour
  • Salt, yeast and water are typically used in addition to other seasonings like garlic powder or oregano
  • Kneaded until reaching desired texture should be elastic yet tender
  • Proofed at room temperature before cooking
  • Cornmeal or semolina can be used on a baking sheet for the extra crunchy texture

This combination not only creates a crispy outer layer but also ensures. That there is plenty of flavor throughout each slice thanks to the savory seasoning blend in every bite. With its thinner than average crust compared to traditional thick crust pizzas. One must take great care when handling Brooklyn style pizza so that it doesn’t break apart too easily upon serving.

The Secret To Perfectly Crispy Crust

Brooklyn style pizza is a unique and flavorful variety of the classic Italian dish. But what sets it apart from other pizzas?

The secret to its perfectly crispy crust lies in careful preparation. Using thin dough that has been kneaded and stretched until it reaches the thinnest possible thickness. This results in an ultra crisp texture with just enough chewiness to make it irresistible.

The sauce used for Brooklyn style pizza is also distinct. Often quite bland but still full of flavor due to the combination of herbs and spices added during preparation. A perfect balance between crispness chewy texture and subtle seasoning makes this type of pizza special.

It’s an exciting twist on traditional Italian cuisine, which guarantees satisfaction every time.

Sauce: The Heart Of Brooklyn Style Pizza

The perfect Brooklyn style pizza crust is only the beginning. What really sets it apart from other pizzas is its sauce.

The traditional recipe begins with a simple tomato sauce that combines fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Then cooking them together until they are soft and blended into a thick mixture. Tomato paste can also be added for extra flavor and thickness.

This basic sauce forms the foundation of many classic Italian American recipes. This found in traditional pizzerias throughout Brooklyn. A key ingredient to giving the unique flavor that defines. This pizza style adds mozzarella cheese; either shredded or cut into cubes depending on personal preference.

For an even richer flavor, some pizzerias use freshly grated mozzarella instead of pre-packaged shreds, adding a creamier texture and subtle sweetness to the overall taste of the pizza. Combined, these ingredients create an unforgettable experience that has become a staple amongst New York City residents and worldwide visitors.

Cheese: The Essential Ingredient

Brooklyn Style Pizza is a unique pizza style that has become increasingly popular recently.

It differs from the traditional New York style slice due to its thicker crust. Which allows for more toppings and extra cheese. The key ingredient of Brooklyn Style Pizza is its bland tomato sauce  which gives it its distinctive flavor.

The other major difference between Brooklyn Style Pizza and traditional NYC pizzas is the amount of cheese on top. Whereas regular slices are usually covered with just enough mozzarella to hold all the ingredients together. Brooklyn Style Pizzas use large amounts of shredded cheese as an additional topping.

This adds richness and creaminess to each bite while also helping to bind the other ingredients into one cohesive pie.

Toppings – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

When it comes to Brooklyn style pizza toppings take center stage. These pizzas are often packed with various ingredients ranging. From classic pepperoni and sausage to exotic combinations. Such as spicy shrimp or macaroni and cheese. The key is finding the perfect balance between all of these flavors. That can make for an unforgettable slice.

The York Slice is one of the classics for Brooklyn style pizza. It’s served on the thick dough and topped with mozzarella cheese, green peppers, onions, garlic, oregano, olive oil, tomato sauce, and basil. This combination has become so popular. Many regular pizzas now feature their own versions of this classic topping selection.

While other combinations may be available in some locations. The York Slice remains one of the most iconic toppings associated with Brooklyn style pizza.

Technique: The Key To Perfect Brooklyn Style Pizza

Brooklyn Style Pizza is a type of pizza that originated in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. It has a thicker crust than traditional pizzas. And it is usually made with more cheese and sauce to give it extra flavor. Domino’s version of this style combines flaky crust dough. A special blend of cheeses hearty marinara sauce, and additional toppings to bring out its unique taste.

How Brooklyn Style Pizza is prepared makes all the difference in how it tastes. The thick crust adds an extra crunch when you bite into it. While the combination of cheeses creates an irresistible cheesy texture. The secret to perfecting this specialty is getting the ratio between these ingredients for each pie.

Eating Brooklyn Style Pizza provides a delicious experience every time due to its distinct flavors and textures.

Recipes For Delicious Brooklyn Style Pizza

As the age old adage goes there is no such thing as a free lunch. But when it comes to Brooklyn style pizza you can have your cake and eat it too. Deliciously thin and crispy crust large slices of Italian sausage zesty tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese what’s not to love?

Brooklyn style pizza has been delighting taste buds for generations. With its unique flavor profile that sets itself apart from traditional pizzas. So how do you make this classic dish in your own kitchen?

Here are five key elements that will help you create an unforgettable slice of Brooklyn style pizza:

  • Use Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza crust for the perfect crunchy texture.
  • Precook the Italian Sausage on medium heat before adding it to the pie.
  • Add generous amounts of freshly grated parmesan cheese for extra flavor
  • Ensure the tomato sauce is thick enough to hold up against all those toppings!
  • Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown and bubbly.

With these tips in mind anyone can enjoy some delicious Brooklyn style pizza right in their own home.

Where To Find The Best Brooklyn Style Pizza

Brooklyn Style Pizza is a unique type of pizza that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza for example offers a unique version of the classic New York Slice. With an extra large crust made from hand tossed dough. And topped with mozzarella cheese robust sauce and flavorful herbs.

In addition to traditional pizzerias offering this style numerous specialty pizza shops nationwide specialize in Brooklyn style pies. These shops often offer creative toppings such as roasted vegetables grilled chicken or bacon and their signature thick crusts.

For those looking for something different than the typical thin slice found at most chain restaurants, Brooklyn Style Pizza will satisfy any cravings. This particular style of pizza has gained worldwide recognition due to its distinct flavor profile.

It can be enjoyed by itself or even paired with other dishes like salads and a delicious appetizers for a complete meal. Whether you’re stopping by a local pizzeria or ordering online from one of the many takeout options available. Make sure to try some delicious Brooklyn Style Pizza.

Enjoying Brooklyn Style Pizza Around The World

Brooklyn style pizza has become a widely popular variety of New York-style pizza. According to statistics over 6 million pizzas are sold daily in the United States alone. And Brooklyn-style pizza accounts for 25% of that number.

As its name suggests this type of pizza originated in Brooklyn. Before becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire state of New York and beyond.

The unique taste of Brooklyn style pizza comes from its combination of ingredients, including:

  • A thin crust made with high-gluten flour
  • Sweet tomato sauce seasoned with oregano garlic and other herbs and spices
  • Mozzarella cheese mixed with Romano cheese

These three main components combine to create an unforgettable flavor experience unlike any other pizza.

With the recent rise in popularity nationwide many people. Who doesn’t live near traditional Brooklyn or New York-style pizzerias? They can still enjoy their favorite slice through online ordering services like GrubHub or DoorDash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Flour Is Used To Make Brooklyn Style Pizza?

Brooklyn style pizza is renowned for its unique flavor and texture with many ascribing this to the type of flour used in its preparation. The flour most often used when making a traditional Brooklyn-style pie is high in gluten. Or ‘bread’ flour contains more protein than other wheat varieties.

This higher protein concentration gives the dough greater elasticity allowing it to be rolled very thin without tearing. The higher gluten content allows for increased moisture absorption from toppings. Like tomato sauce and cheese, resulting in a crispier crust.

What Is The Best Type Of Cheese To Use For A Brooklyn Style Pizza?

The best type of cheese to use for a Brooklyn style pizza is typically mozzarella.

This particular variety of cheese gives the pizza that classic texture and flavor. While also providing an optimal level of stretchiness when melted.

Its low moisture content helps create a crispy crust without adding additional oil or fat during preparation.

In some cases other cheeses may be added to create unique flavors. However most pizzerias agree that mozzarella should form the foundation of any true Brooklyn style pizza.

What Is The Most Common Topping For A Brooklyn Style Pizza?

The most common topping for a Brooklyn style pizza is pepperoni. Mushrooms and onions often accompany this classic Italian American favorite. Though variations exist across the boroughs of New York City.

While some recipes call for a combination of different meats as toppings. Pepperoni is one of the most popular choices due to its robust flavor. And the ability to hold up well when cooked at high temperatures in wood fired ovens or on gas grills.

It’s no wonder that it has become an iconic part of this beloved style of pizza.

How Long Should A Brooklyn Style Pizza Be Cooked For?

Brooklyn-style pizza is known for its unique taste. And cooking time is key to achieving that flavor.

The recommended cook time for this type of pizza is between 12-15 minutes at temperatures ranging from 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the crust to become crisp while still giving the cheese time to melt without burning the bottom of the pie.

If you have added additional toppings such as meats or vegetables. They should be cooked before adding them on top of your dough. So that they are nicely browned when serving. To take your pizza baking skills up a few notches, check out our guide on how long to bake a pizza.

What Is The Best Way To Store Leftover Brooklyn Style Pizza?

A pizza connoisseur’s dream Brooklyn Style Pizza has recently become a household favorite. With its unique taste and texture, many have been left wondering what is the best way to store any leftover slices.

The answer lies in understanding the various ways of storing such a delicate dish. In order to preserve it for future enjoyment proper storage techniques must be employed.

Vacuum sealed bags or airtight containers work well for refrigerated items. Whereas frozen pizzas should always be stored in freezer-safe packaging. These methods will ultimately ensure that your desired slice remains as delicious as when it was first made.


The secret behind the unique taste of Brooklyn style pizza lies in its ingredients. Combining special flours high quality cheese. And the most popular topping creates a flavor like no other.

This delicious meal can be cooked for just the right amount of time to be crispy on the outside yet gooey on the inside an absolute delight.

Leftover slices are best stored in air-tight containers to maintain their ‘just outta’ da oven’ texture and tantalizingly savory flavors.

Storing them any other way would be a travesty akin to throwing away gold coins.

In short Brooklyn-style pizza is one of the world’s greatest culinary creations. A mouthwatering feast for kings and queens!

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